Integrating Blue Zone Power 9 into Resident Physician Well-being Curriculum

05-08-2017 13:29

Residency can be challenging with increased rates of burnout and poor personal wellness practices. Decreased wellness during residency can lead to suboptimal patient care practices and even medical errors. The goal of our innovation is to improve resident wellness by incorporating the Blue Zones Power 9 into our residents’ curriculum and daily lives to improve both their personal self-care as well as the education they provide to patients on wellness topics. Blue Zones is a national program that helps people live longer and healthier lives by incorporating nine principles used by populations with high proportions of centenarians. These principles are known as the Power 9. They include: move naturally, know your purpose, down shift, eat less, eat less meat, drink in moderation, have faith, put family first and stay social. This project incorporates the Power 9 into a longitudinal monthly curriculum that encompasses an educational session, bulletin board and a group activity focused on a Power 9 principle. Participants will learn about our curriculum and participate in an activity using their electronic device encompassing a Blue Zones Power 9 theme.

Author(s):Kate Thoma, Jill Endres, Mary Haas, Whitney Kaefring
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