Leadership and Lessons from "The Ladder", a Family Medicine Service Learning Engagement, Building a Community of Purpose

05-11-2017 11:37

We are living in interesting times. As family physicians and teachers of family medicine, our growth as leaders is necessary. Family medicine has a strong legacy, and the last 50 years has laid the foundation for the next 50 years. Leadership is managing change with growth and vision and helping others to do the same. Dr Crichlow will present some of the foundational personal and organizational changes that will help us shape the destiny of our profession, our communities, and our society.

All models are wrong but some are useful.” The Ladder, a mentorship club for low-wealth youth interested in health careers, is a useful model for lessons in leadership. Born from an STFM Emerging Leader Fellowship project, The Ladder is creating a generation of leadership growth. Each participant is a mentor, each participant is a member, and all are Scholars, encouraging each other to grow with purpose and mission, to be leaders in their own lives and communities. Designed be sustainable for the long term investment needed to nurture true change, The Ladder creates an infrastructure and pathway to help diverse, low-wealth and underserved individuals become a community of purpose and pathway of mutual support. Its genesis is family medicine leadership training at STFM. The leadership lessons from The Ladder include “leaders build leaders” and continues with “lift as you climb, build as you grow.” Learning from lessons such as these, we, as teachers of family medicine, can build on our legacy and lead in creating our new shared destiny.

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