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Efficacy of Brief Behavioral Interventions at Remote Area Medical Fairs

Preliminary results of study examining whether brief behavioral interventions had positive effects on patients presenting at free medical fairs in rural southwest Virginia. Outcomes studied included health confidence, subjective distress, patient satisfaction, and whether patients had taken...

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Narcolepsy: Theory and Treatment Update

Clinical Practice Update presented at 38th Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine. #ResourcetoShare #ForumforBehavioralScienceinFamilyMedicine #BehavioralMedicine #BehavioralScienceForum #2017 #behavioralscience

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Behavioral interviewing: Making it work and taking it to the next level

Presentation at the 37th Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine. How to construct behavioral interviewing questions, integrate behavioral interviewing into your program's applicant interviewing process, and use responses to these questions to impact ranking. Using data and experiences...

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How double-boarded physicians improve behavioral health education for all learners

This is a fact sheet with information on how double-boarded physicians in family medicine and psychiatry or internal medicine and psychiatry can help enhance behavioral health education in family medicine residency programs. This will be used in a presentation the 2016 Forum for Behavioral...

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Back to the Future: A Family Systems Curriculum

Power point presentation from the 2017 Annual ConferenceExample Syllabus #BehavioralMedicine #CurriculumDevelopment #BehavioralScienceForum #2017 #familyoforigin #STFMAnnualSpringConference #ResidentEducation #Familysystems

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Doctor-Patient Communication Video Reflection Blog

Focusing on Doctor-Patient Interaction: Peer to Peer Feedback Through Blog Reflections. Presentation and materials on the use of a patient communication blog in a Family Medicine Residency for viewing of patient visits of self and peers, with space for resident peer observations and reflections...

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Revisiting the Canons of Psychiatry: Teaching CATIE, STAR*D, & STEP-BD to FM Residents.

We will provide a PowerPoint and one-page handouts to use in education primary care residents about three of the largest psychiatry studies on depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. #Depression #Schizophrenia #Research #ForumforBehavioralScienceinFamilyMedicine ...

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Senior Seminar Series: A longitudinal behavioral science curriculum for residents

In this session we provid an overview of our Senior Seminar Series which is a small group, longitudinal curriculum designed to meet the developmental needs of PGY2 & 3 residents. We provide guidance on the importance of differentiated instruction, how we structure the curriculum, an overview of...

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