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My Kid Won't Listen to Me! Empowering Residents to Coach Parents of Difficult Children

areas, qualified child mental health

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Focus Search - receiving mental health services for various

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What We Are Doing and Where We Want to Go: Utilization and Priorities in Behavioral Science Curriculum Development

mental health, substance abuse, and health...beyond mental health and psychiatry to the

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Focus Search - AAFP Human Behavior and Mental Health

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Medical Student Elective in Behavioral Medicine

The powerpoint slides describe three different medical student electives in Behavioral Medicine at two institutions. There are also supplementary materials that you might reference if you were creating your own elective, such as an elective log, a list of readings and didactics, goals and...

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Focus Search - ____Treatment for mental health problems such as

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Physician Wellness: A CERA study

PowerPoint presentation for 50th STFM conference.We present our findings from the CERA general membership survey regarding two scales, the Cohen Perceived Stress Scale (CPSS) and the Positive State of Mind Scale (PSOMS), which we propose can be used to measure wellness. #Wellness

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Focus Search - into wellness. While mental health

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LGBTQ Affirming Care Presentation and Supporting Documents

Forum 2017 presentation on LGBTQ Affirmative CareAffirmative Care ProtocolConsent formsSample Letters for Trans-Confirmation Surgery #LGBTQ

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Focus Search - mental health. 12) I understand that hormone

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Using the Social Ecological Framework to Facilitate a Culture of "Joy in Practice"

This file includes the session handouts for the 90 minute workshop to be presented at the 50th STFM Annual Spring Conference. #Wellness #2017

Using the Social Ecological Framework to Facilitate a Culture of _Joy in Practice_ Final.pdf

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How double-boarded physicians improve behavioral health education for all learners

This is a fact sheet with information on how double-boarded physicians in family medicine and psychiatry or internal medicine and psychiatry can help enhance behavioral health education in family medicine residency programs. This will be used in a presentation the 2016 Forum for Behavioral...

How double-boarded physicians improve behavioral health education for all learners.docx

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Senior Seminar Series: A longitudinal behavioral science curriculum for residents

In this session we provid an overview of our Senior Seminar Series which is a small group, longitudinal curriculum designed to meet the developmental needs of PGY2 & 3 residents. We provide guidance on the importance of differentiated instruction, how we structure the curriculum, an overview of...

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Focus Search - of emotional, physical and mental health