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Common Causes of Cervicitis & Vaginitis

Learning Objectives:1. Understand the common etiologies of cervicitis & vaginitis, both infectious and noninfectious.2. Understand the basics of the microscopic exam and be able to identify common vaginal pathogens on microscopy exam.3. Know the common treatments for cervicitis & vaginitis in...

Vaginitis-Cervicitis 2016.ppt

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Reimagining Global Health Engagement by the Department of Defense (DoD): Operationalizing the Bilateral Institutional Partnership Model

Background: The bilateral institutional partnership between the National Capital Consortium Family Medicine Residency at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH) in Virginia, USA, and the Hospital Militar Central (HMC) in San Salvador, El Salvador, is a model longitudinal global health engagement-...

AAFP GHW--El Sal 2016 (FINAL 9.8.16).pptx

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Duct Tape and Extra Fuses: Repairing Medical Devices Abroad

Using WHO resources and basic electrical concepts to repair and maintain medical devices in low-resource settings. #globalhealth #2016 #AAFPFamilyMedicineGlobalHealthWorkshop


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Truths and Myths about Obstetrical Care Along the US-Mexico Border

Brief update on various topics affecting obstetrical care on the US-Mexico border #2016 #AAFPFamilyMedicineGlobalHealthWorkshop


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Global Health and Natural Disaster: 
Lessons From a Local Health Care NGO at the Forefront of Nepal’s Earthquake Relief and Recovery Efforts

On April 25, 2015, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake claimed over 9,000 lives in Nepal and destroyed roughly 770,000 homes, 50,000 classrooms and 1,000 health posts. Himalayan HealthCare (HHC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has served Nepal’s northern Dhading District since 1992, is a key player in relief...

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Boundaries, Dilemmas, and Awareness

As helping professionals, we work with shaping, increasing, decreasing, etc behaviors in our faculty, residents, and patients. Therefore, there is the potential to have a number of service opportunities offered and the be heavily relied upon for any number of situations. Being a helping...

Boundaries dilemmas

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Integrating Behavioral Science Into Precepting: A Collaborative Model

Precepting, the process of teaching during the clinical encounter, is an invaluable tool for resident learning in family medicine residencies. It provides an opportunity to reinforce didactic learning and apply knowledge and skills to individual patient care. There has been little attention...

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