Time Enough at Last? Interprofessional Precepting, Clinic Efficiency and Education

08-29-2019 15:13

GOODLIFE, an interprofessional (IP) student-run free diabetes clinic at the University of Nebraska Medical Center provides care to underserved populations and serves as an important IPE venue. Literature suggests that IP interaction affects the perception of professional roles for medical students and improves attitudes towards IP collaboration. But how are attitudes and perceptions connected to knowledge and behavior? What affects IP learning at GOODLIFE? Our interdisciplinary team (family medicine, anthropology, sociology) surveys pre and postclinic and embeds a trained observer/interviewer with teams to learn how and why changes in attitude and knowledge occur and how disciplinary interaction and knowledge affects IP collaboration. Combining survey data (N=181) with 200+ hours of observation/interviews reveals students learn at GOODLIFE. Survey data shows significant (P<.05) improvement in knowledge and attitude towards IP collaboration. Team collaboration improves with explicit faculty instructions. Interviews reveal medical students improve role knowledge and learn from interacting with other professions. However, students remain unsure regarding other professions roles (ie pharmacy, physical therapy, medical nutrition and medical family therapy). The gap between perceived knowledge in surveys vs actual knowledge in interviews is an opportunity for improvement. We will continue gathering data to determine how shifts in IP curriculum affect this gap.

Author(s):William Hay (University of Nebraska Medical Center) T Lynne Barone & Samantha K. Ammons (University of Nebraska Omaha), Craig G. Hughes (University of Nebraska Omaha), Joseph McGuire (University of Nebraska Omaha) Bao Tram Ngoc Huynh (University of Nebraska Omaha), Angela M. Brown (University of Nebraska Omaha), Breanna Thompson (University of Nebraska Omaha), Mary Ann Powell (University of Nebraska Omaha, Jay Irwin (University of Nebraska Omaha)
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