Creating a Manageable Cockpit for Clinicians: A Shared Responsibility

12-13-2018 12:45

or many clinicians, the work of health care has become undoable. The “cockpit” where physicians and other health professionals work now consists of a cacophony of warning alerts, pop-up messages, mandatory tick boxes, a Sisyphean inbox, and maddening documentation. Paradoxically, many interventions intended to improve quality, safety, or value, when taken in totality, may in fact contribute to health system dysfunction by virtue of the cumulative impact on workload and consequent burnout.

In this session, we will discuss the science supporting the quality, safety, and business cases for focusing on creating a manageable cockpit for physicians. We will also demonstrate practical leadership and workflow and teamwork interventions that can improve professional satisfaction and reduce burnout. We will demonstrate the AMA practice transformation modules (StepsForward) that can help physicians and staff reengineer their practice.

Author(s):Christine Sinsky, MD
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