Emotional IQ Sets Top Performing Teams Apart: The Medical Educator EQ Toolkit Workshop

10-09-2018 23:48

Highly emotionally intelligent teams are able to create a shared vision and achieve results through mutual trust that is fostered through empathy, flexibility, emotional awareness, and other key social and self-regulation skills of emotional intelligence. In our undergraduate medical education and Family Medicine residency programs at UNT Health Science Center, we are implementing educational activities to improve the skills of emotional intelligence. The purpose of this workshop is to share activities from our  Emotional IQ Toolkit with medical educators. By engaging in an interactive experiential workshop, participants will come away with the knowledge, skills, and practical tools necessary to develop targeted activities in their own programs to facilitate team-based, patient-centered competencies related to emotional intelligence.

Author(s):Susan F. Franks, PhD, ABPP; David Farmer, PhD, LMFT; Cynthia Carroll, MA, LPC
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Introduction and brief overview of emotional intelligence; Description of workshop activities and considerations for implementation.

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