Evaluating What Matters in a Wellness Curriculum

10-05-2019 11:42

Wellness has become a hot topic in medicine and medical education. The health of providers and primary care teams is key to personal health, job functioning, satisfaction and retention, and has a direct influence on providers' degree of lifestyle counseling with patients and patients' overall health. Provider wellbeing has a direct impact on patients’ experience and the overall costs of health care. Yet, how do we know if our teaching process and content are on the right track? Does our Wellness curriculum have the outcomes that we intend? Moving beyond measuring learner satisfaction, participants will leave this seminar with increased energy and focus to strengthen the evaluation of their Wellness curriculum and to collaborate with others to advance our collective knowledge about what we should be teaching and how it matters regarding provider wellness.

Author(s):Julie M. Schirmer, LCSW, Lindsay Fazio, PhD, Aaron Grace, PhD, Mary Talen, PhD
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Table 1. Instruments Measuring Different Dimensions of Well-Being, Table 2. Drivers Contributing to Burnout and Engagement, and References.

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