Health Literacy: Communicating So Patients Can Understand

12-08-2018 12:18

For at least 15 years health literacy has been identified as a significant concern for Americans. At least one third of the United States population has a low health literacy level. This will in turn lead to difficulty navigating the healthcare system and subsequent increased utilization of resources and poorer health quality. Participants will be learning what health literacy is and why it is important in patient care. Techniques for verbal and written communication with patients to improve understanding will be reviewed. Cases will be presented and participants will be practice identifying patients that may need more assistance and techniques that will be helpful in promoting understanding in all patients.

1. Define health literacy and explain why it is important for communication with patients.
2. Explain principles of good communication with patients.
3. Apply principles of communication with patients.

Author(s):Michelle A. Cardona, MD, MPH
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