Integration of Consistent Clinic Days into Team-based Care at an FQHC: a Hybrid Model

12-08-2018 12:00

Many residency programs have gone to a "clinic first" model to assist with ease of scheduling and consistency for residents and preceptors. Our program, newly established in 2012 at a community hospital, had a rotating clinic schedule based on rotation in order to facilitate the best learning experience while in the hospital and with private attendings. Our clinic, located at a FQHC, developed care teams to assist with continuity; as the new Medical Director and graduate of our program, I worked with the Site Manager to create a hybrid system for consistent clinic days for PGY3s and attendings, while continuing with the rotating system for PGY1s and PGY2s.

In this lecture, we will present our past system as well as our new hybrid system of both clinic first and rotating schedules that allows optimal continuity of care without compromising time spent on other rotations. We will then present opportunities that arose after implementation of this system which helped enhance continuity, productivity, staff retention, and resident satisfaction. We will present data comparing these systems, and finally we will demonstrate how a new clinic design has been able to take this hybrid model to a new level.

Author(s):London Muse, MD; Lidymar Ruiz, MBA
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