Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Each Other: Resilience Promotion for Behavioral Scientists

10-19-2018 09:12

Maslach et al (2001) identified three dimensions of job burnout: Exhaustion, cynicism, ineffectiveness. As behavioral scientists,many of us are involved in burnout prevention and wellness support for our residents and facultyand physician colleagues. Butin recent years little timeor attention has beenpaid to burnout prevention for behavioral scientists themselves. While our jobs are quite different from our physician colleagues; we are not immune to the stresses inherent in the current and rapidly changing medical system.This seminar will inviteattendees to participate in a structured, candid,and reflective conversation to: (1) identifyaspects of the job and role of behavioral scientist that create vulnerability to burnoutand jobdissatisfaction(2)reflect on and share experiences of  vulnerability, burnout and resilience (3) identify and shareburnout prevention and resilience promotion strategies , and (4) encourage thinking about how to use larger systemsto support burnout prevention. This seminar will involve significant personal reflection and discussion in small and large group formats. Given time limitations, discussion will focus on what could be done individually to promote resilience and what support could be provided to behavioral scientists as members of a larger collaborative.

Author(s):Valerie Ross & Jennifer Ayres
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