Teaching the Value of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team-Based Care

10-12-2018 09:27

With the rise of multi-morbidities in an aging population, healthcare professionals are faced with the challenges of caring for elderly patients with complex care needs. Shifting from working in silos to team-based care can facilitate better and cost-effective care for patients, but healthcare professionals may have little or no training in interdisciplinary collaboration for providing such care. However, establishing interdisciplinary teams in primary care residency practices can offer opportunities for physicians-in-training to learn how to collaborate with other disciplines in healthcare. With an aging population in an Eastern Pennsylvania region, a health system deployed interdisciplinary home visit teams consisting of a Guided Care nurse, community health worker, and pharmacist in primary care residency practices located in urban and rural communities. Both medical and non-medical needs of elderly patients are addressed by the interdisciplinary team, which may involving partnering with community organizations to link those with social needs to appropriate resources available in the community. In addressing the non-medical needs of the elderly, the interdisciplinary team demonstrates the need and value of collaborating with community-based organizations to health occupational students and primary care
residents. Deploying interdisciplinary care teams in residency practices has allowed the demonstration of interdisciplinary collaboration to residents, health occupation students, and even practicing health professionals. Modeling interdisciplinary collaboration through care teams enabled learners to acquire knowledge and skills to practice healthcare in collaborative efforts. Strategies to form effective team-based care for the elderly and practices for successful collaboration will be discussed for replication at other primary care offices

Author(s):Lynn Wilson, DO; Nyann Biery, MS
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