Building Trust and Improving Morale Amongst Staff: An Emerging Leader's Journey

05-17-2018 11:14

​Emerging Leaders Poster presentation abstract

As part of the leadership team at a large family medicine teaching clinic, we identified low morale among staff, particularly medical assistants as a key factor affecting our ability to transform our clinic into a highly functioning primary care clinic and engage in the dynamic process of change. We identified a disparity among staff and providers over a 3 year period on Gallup satisfaction surveys and particularly wanted to target the question, “My supervisor or someone at works cares about me as a person?”   Providers rated their responses in the 90 percentile, whereas nursing staff rated theirs in the 30th percentile. Two large projects that we will implement in the next 2-5 years are moving into a new building and implementing a new EHR enterprise. We need strong teams to succeed with these major changes. We are undertaking a multifactorial approach over a series of years to change our clinic culture. We are currently working with practice facilitators to build trust among leaders and staff. Trust is the foundational pillar of successful teams.

Author(s):Magdalen Edmunds, MD, MPH
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