Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment in a rural hospital in Malawi: A four-year comprehensive review

10-08-2017 23:52

Eastern and Southern Africa, particularly Malawi, have the world’s highest incidence rates for cervical cancer, a preventable and treatable condition if found and treated early. In September 2012, Malamulo Adventist Hospital (MAH), a 212-bed rural hospital, initiated the only cervical cancer screening (CCS) program in Malawi based on cytology testing, colposcopy and loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP). This study uses MAH’s clinical data to determine the number of women receiving these services over time; the proportion of women who had positive cytology tests, by age and by HIV status; and the proportion of women treated for pre-cancerous lesions or for cancer. The study also reviews the successes and challenges that MAH faces in maintaining and expanding its CCS program considering other approaches available in low-resources settings. Finally, this study discusses how Loma Linda University Family and Preventive Medicine residents contribute to this program through their curricular international rotation at MAH.

Author(s):Mai-Linh N. Tran, MD; Mary R. Perry, MD; Casey Graybill, MD; Marc Debay, MD, MPH, PhD, Karen Studer, MD, MPH
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