Community Health Assessment Exercise

10-13-2016 17:52

This resource consists of a community health assessment exercise designed to be completed during a six-week community medicine preceptorship clinical rotation. It consists of a Word document presenting the exercise to students in six steps and a grading rubric for the exercise. Also included is an excel template for tracking student progress. This resource is submitted as an accompaniment to a PRiMER manuscript describing the implementation and outcomes of this educational activity.

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Author(s):Jacob Prunuske, MD, MSPH; Patrick Remington, MD, MPH
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xls file
Sample Log   22K   1 version
Uploaded - 10-13-2016
sample log for one of the steps in the community health assessment exercise
xlsx file
Grading Template   26K   1 version
Uploaded - 10-13-2016
Excel template that can be used for grading of the community health assessment exercise
doc file
Main Document Community Health Assessment Exercise   135K   1 version
Uploaded - 10-13-2016
Word Document that contains the Community Health Assessment Exercise Activities. Step-by-step description of each activity
docx file
Grading Rubric   15K   1 version
Uploaded - 10-13-2016
Grading Rubric for the Community Health Assessment Exercise

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