Family Medicine Digital Resources Library (FMDRL): How to Find Learning Materials or Become Famous

05-03-2006 21:21

STFM members have a tradition of being willing to share their materials with others and have sought a way to make sharing easier. They also have sought a way to obtain recognition for curricular contributions through a peer-review process. The Family Medicine Digital Resources Library's (FMDRL) Web site,, will meet these needs. FMDRL is a service of STFM developed with a grant from the National Library of Medicine that allows convenient sharing of slide shows, learning modules, digital images, recommended Web sites, and other curricular materials, including STFM conference handouts. FMDRL also will provide a mechanism for obtaining peer review of academic contributions, using STFM's existing group structure. During this seminar, materials download and upload will be demonstrated, and review processes will be explained. FMDRL_ID: 325

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Author(s):Jacob Reider, MD, Richard Usatine, MD, Helen Baker, PhD
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