Global-Local Education in Southern California

10-05-2015 09:15

ABSTRACT: In December 2014, the Department of Public Health of the San Bernardino County (SBCDPH), California, extended a three-year contract to Loma Linda University (LLU) to provide primary care physician services in its four main community health centers. This contract enables LLU to fund eight primary care positions for Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine physicians; assist the SBCDPH in the transformation of its health centers into Patient-Centered Medical Homes; involve faculty, medical residents and health-sciences students in the provision of services, research and educational activities; and strengthen the academic and public health practice partnership between LLU and SBCDPH. Many features of this partnership are similar to how US universities can partner with foreign governments developing primary care and family medicine services. Building on LLU's long-standing global health service, the new LLU/SBCDPH primary care physician services partnership is presented from the perspective of global/local education of family medicine residents. FMDRL_ID: 5744

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Author(s):Marc Debay, MD, MPH, PhD
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