How to Determine What to be When You Grow Up: Discovering Your Passion

05-09-2017 13:20

This seminar discusses the importance of finding a purpose or passion in the work place, specifically in the area of academic medicine. It discusses the literature that highlights the value of time spent working in an area felt to be personally meaningful and its protection against attrition and burnout. It reviews strategies recommended by industry leaders (e.g., Dave Isay from StoryCorps, Dike Drummon from The Happy MD, Rachel Naomi Remen, Parker Palmer) and popular life coaches (e.g., Leoni Dawson) that can assist in rethinking and prioritizing personal interests so that passions can be identified.

Author(s):Stephanie Benson, MD, FAAFP; Brandy Deffenbacher, MD; Miranda Huffman, MD, MEd
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