Patient-Centered Medical Home Curriculum for Third Year Medical Students

06-01-2017 13:34

This session will impart the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Curriculum for third-year medical students; and will demonstrate the clerks’ improvement in knowledge about PCMH and Quality Improvement (QI) after the implementation of the curriculum.
Practice transformation and PCMH as a model of care are becoming popular in our healthcare system. Studies have shown that medical students appear to have limited exposure to and knowledge of the PCMH concept. In response to this, we designed a PCMH Curriculum for Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) third-year medical students at Aultman Family Medicine. Quality improvement (QI) is emphasized to enable our medical students embrace a culture of change early in their career. Students develop and implement QI project during the six-week Family Medicine rotation.
The implementation of structured PCMH curriculum integrated in the Family Medicine clerkship rotation improves the knowledge, student perceived skills and attitude especially in QI. Empowering the students to recognize an area of need and having them apply the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle made them more comfortable and willing to participate in QI projects. This also improved their knowledge of and experience with PCMH.

Author(s):Mariquita Belen, MD; David Sperling, MD, Hyo Young Seo, MD
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