Impact of a Discussion Series on Race on Medical Student Perceptions Around Bias in Health Care

01-30-2017 13:56

Racial bias in health care is recognized as a factor in health care disparities, but there is limited research regarding medical school education around race and racism and its impact on medical students. Students at Tufts Medical School organized a series of “Race Dialogues” with a community facilitator in order for students to directly discuss issues of race, racial bias, and their impact on the students as individuals and as physicians-in-training. Twenty-five first-year medical students participated in this series of five, 2-hour sessions. We surveyed students before and after the completion of the series to assess their level of knowledge and comfort in discussing race and racism and additionally surveyed their non-participating classmates as a comparison group. We will outline the intervention, present the results of this survey, and discuss implications for the expansion of the program at Tufts and potential for implementation in other settings. STFM 2017 Conference on Medical Student Education Presentation.

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Author(s):Reeves Bright, Keith Nokes
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