Telemedicine: The Art of Innovative Technology in Family Medicine

21 days ago

Technology is one of the most rapidly advancing aspects in our culture. There is an ever-increasing demand for digital technology for every-day services like entertainment, banking and shopping. The interest in telehealth has mirrored this growth in other areas. Telemedicine specifically has been shown to be effective in enhancing interest in wellness, access to health care and the quality of health care, while also lowering the cost of care. Nearly half of all hospitals in the United States now have active telemedicine programs and various specialties such as neurology, psychiatry, dermatology, and wound care appreciate how providing remote care via telemedicine can extend their reach and enhance patient outcomes. Our family medicine learners must not only have knowledge in health technology but also become proficient in utilizing the latest advances in technology that benefit both patients and providers.


Family medicine educators are responsible for developing curricula to expose our learners to telehealth technologies across a variety of implementation strategies. We will describe our residency program’s telemedicine curriculum, the steps involved in its design and implementation, and strategies and challenges in its practical application in family medicine.

Author(s):Oliver Oyama PhD, PA-C; Elizabeth Lawrence MD
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