Walking in the Shoes of Person with Diabetes

09-07-2017 11:35

Diabetes is a chronic dissease that requires the person with diabetes to make many daily self-management decisions and perfrom complex care activities. Diabetes self-management education and support provide the foundation to help develop skills for informed decision making, daily self-care behaviors, problem solving and coping skills. Providng diabetes care is not as simple as telling pateints what to do. Psycho-social issues and feelings of the person with diabetes play a key role when managing diabetes. SIU Center for Family Medicine provides a successful model for teaching family medicine residents hot ro provide diabetes care that is evidence based, with a collaborative and integrated care approach. This session features videos of persons with diabetes describing their journeys toward successful diabetes management after having received appropriate diabetes self-management education and support.

Author(s):Anne Daly, MS, RDN, BC-ADM, CDE, Wendi El-Amin, MD
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