FASTS Precepting: Engaging Medical Learners in Virtual Patient Encounters With A Mnemonic Based Tool

06-21-2022 00:21

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the use of virtual platforms for patient encounters. Our goal is to provide a standardized model for learner engagement in virtual encounters to improve learner experience while easing demands on teaching physicians. Based on a review of the literature and consultations with various stakeholders, we identified the key components and available resources of virtual teaching, such as SNAPPS and One Minute Learner. We then developed the tool FASTS, which stands for "Formulate a clinical question, Ask the attending the question, See the patient and present the case, Talk with the attending to answer your question, Save the information for later use." This tool is being piloted at two different institutions. The pilot runs include validation questionnaires, and the survey data is forthcoming. A standardized model of student engagement can lead to an increase in self-reported student satisfaction with the learning opportunities afforded by telemedicine.

Author(s):Jen Hartmark-Hill, MD & Payam Sazagar, MD
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