Semi-structured interview questions to explore residents teaching identity as influenced by an assignment to create an infographic

06-02-2023 15:28

Semi-structured interview questions

Original questions.

You chose to work on (insert project topic here) for your project.  Why? Tell me about how you picked the topic you did.  Describe your previous experience as a medical student and early resident with knowledge of this topic.

Tell me how you developed your project (i.e.  what resources were accessed)

What did you notice about the process?

Have you participated in a tool development/curriculum development process before either in medicine or before you became a physician?

What benefits can you see from spending your time this way? What were the challenges you experienced?

What are your thoughts about teaching this material to other residents? To Faculty? To medical students? To other providers such as medical assistants?

How strongly do you identify as a teacher in your role as a physician?

What overlap do you see between your role as a physician and that of a teacher?

Who do you like to teach the most?

Questions added to clarify themes (added after 5 interviews).

Will this knowledge affect your practice? What will you do differently in your practice? How?

Did developing this infographic affect your skill in teaching? How did it affect the way you think about teaching? How?

Did creating this infographic affect your learning? How did it change the way you think about learning? How?

Did building this infographic affect your confidence in teaching? How?

Author(s):Christopher Haymaker, Adam Channell, Kirsten Porter-Stranskey
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