An Innovative, Longitudinal Approach to Teaching Telemedicine Competencies to Clinical Learners

05-15-2022 09:32

Telemedicine has exploded as a practice model in the COVID era. To help address this, the AAMC has recently published telehealth competencies for medical student learners, residents, and practitioners. These competencies serve to help guide medical education curricula and ensure learners are trained to deliver patient-centered, competent care via telemedicine upon graduation. This presentation will describe how the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa School of Community Medicine (OU-TU SCM) has stepped up to this challenge in its Health Systems Science in Practice (HSSP) course, a required course for all 3rd-year Medical and PA students. Using the TeleOSCE approach, an assessment for learning pedagogical approach endorsed by the AAMC as a go to telemedicine teaching resource, course leadership developed a series of formative simulations with competency-based assessments to track eight core AAMC telemedicine competencies. Learner progression over these competencies was measured over the academic year to demonstrate competency attainment. A detailed evaluation plan with data dashboarding was used to track progression and satisfaction and make quick adjustments to upcoming simulations. Audience members will learn more about an innovative approach to help teach these new telemedicine competencies to learners and also gain insight as to the efficacies of these pedagogical approaches, with the hope they can apply similar approaches to their own educational programs.

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe current evidence supporting the rapid growth of telemedicine and how the AAMC competencies help to address current gaps in medical education training.
  2. Describe the innovative educational approach to address eight core AAMC competencies as well as evaluate the efficacy in learner progression in these competencies.
  3. Integrate similar approaches into their own educational institutions for telemedicine curriculum implementation.

Author(s):Ryan Palmer, EdD; Blake Lesselroth, MD, MBI; Liz Kollaja, MHR; Shannon Ijams, PA-C; Andrew Liew; Anna Wickham; Kristin Rodriguez, MPH
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