How to Create a Successful MSE (Medical Student Education) Conference Submission

01-27-2022 16:48

Roundtable STFM Medical Student Education Conference

Title: How to Create a Successful Submission for the STFM MSE Conference



Suzanne Minor

Ruben Hernandez

Tomoko Sairenji

Annie Rutter

Presenting work at conferences is professionally important, allowing faculty to share research.  Presentations also facilitate future collaborations and can contribute to the faculty’s growing national reputation and possible future promotion. Faculty may only be funded to attend conferences for their own professional development if they are themselves presenting at that conference. In this session, STFM Medical Student Education Conference (MSEC) Steering Committee members discuss how to create an effective STFM MSEC submission, providing an overview of the submission evaluation process, common mistakes on submissions, and tips for a successful submission.  


Learning Objectives

  1. Detail the STFM MSEC submission evaluation process
  2. List 3 common submission mistakes for the STFM MSEC
  3. List 3 tips to creating a successful submission for the STFM MSEC



Faculty development

Medical student education

Author(s):Suzanne Minor, Ruben Hernandez, Tomoko Sairenji, Annie Rutter
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