The Health Equity Imperative: Building a Family Medicine Workforce Prepared to Deliver Socially Informed Care

05-08-2019 10:01

The Health of all people is influenced by many factors including the circumstances where they live, play, work and learn. It is affected by inequities and historic events. Health Providers and physicians in particular have had a specific role in assuring quality health care for their patients to achieve the best health outcomes possible. However, what can physicians do when the condition affecting their patients and their ability to prevent or manage diseases is connected to non-clinical factors? What to do when the good clinical care is not enough to achieve the desired outcomes? How can Physicians be better prepared and supported to assess social determinants and do something about it? In this presentation Dr Bracho will discuss the connection between social determinants and health and the increasing roles of Community Health Workers in improving community health. She will also discuss the imperative to transform health institutions to pay more attention to population health and the role of academia in recruiting, training and retaining the health workforce needed to address SDOH with focus on equity, inter-sectorial collaboration and community engagement.

Dr Bracho is the executive director of Latino Health Access, a center for health promotion and disease prevention located in Santa Ana, California. Latino Health Access facilitates mechanisms of empowerment for the community and trains community health workers as leaders of wellness and change. She worked as a physician in her native Venezuela for several years, after which she came to the United States to obtain a Master’s Degree in Public Health at the University of Michigan. She is a certified diabetes educator. Dr Bracho is a current member of the Board of Trustees for Casey Family Programs and a former trustee of the Marguerite Casey Foundation. She served as a commissioner for the Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force and is a current member of the California Future Health Workforce Commission. She served on the Institute of Medicine Round Table on Health Disparities.

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