Nutrition for Prevention and Chronic Illness Management Curriculum

10-12-2022 16:43

The Keck School of Medicine (KSOM) of University of Southern California (USC) Primary Care Program (PCP) Nutrition for Prevention and Chronic Illness Management PowerPoint curriculum is designed to be a 14-week series of in person, virtual, or hybrid nutrition classes focusing on a bilingual and bicultural English and Spanish speaking audience.

The objectives for participants are:
- To learn how to prevent or better control chronic illnesses through nutrition knowledge
- To learn about tools to assist with healthy eating (i.e. MyPlate, reading food labels, learning healthy food substitutions, etc.)

Class Topics: MyPlate, Protein/Dairy, Healthy Fats, Carbohydrates, Fruits/Vegetables, Sugary Beverages, Portions, Healthy Snacks, Food Labels, Hemoglobin A1C/Cholesterol, Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Diseases, Vitamin Supplements

The bilingual English/Spanish nutrition curriculum is adapted for learners with a lower language and health literacy, multiple ages from youth to older adults, and is culturally appropriate. Further, it is adapted for multiple teaching and community settings, and can be delivered by a wide audience, including multiple nontraditional educators (i.e. promotoras) The lecture topics can be used on their own, given in a series, or as a combination.

Author(s):Jo Marie Reilly, MD, MPH; Ilana Greenberg, MPH
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