Building Better Clinical Training Experiences: Training, Tools, Evaluation, and COVID

01-28-2022 13:24

STFM is leading a multi-year interprofessional, interdisciplinary initiative to address the shortage of high-quality clinical training sites for students, aiming to increase student access to high functioning clinical sites. The Tactic 4 team is leading a multi-year pilot called Building Better Clinical Training Experiences: A Learning Collaborative. During the pilot, family medicine departments are participating in one of three projects to implement, evaluate, and disseminate innovative approaches to standardize the onboarding of students and to engage community preceptors.

Family medicine departments were selected for the pilot through a competitive application process for a launch in April of 2019. The materials and resources were developed as part of Tactic 3, as well as recognition and incentive programs being developed as part of Tactic 5. The teams participated in online and in-person learning communities to share/learn about intervention approaches; conduct standardized pre/post measurement; and disseminate their findings. Evaluation site visits were scheduled to begin in March of 2020. This presentation will highlight the projects and tools, the evaluation process, key themes and findings, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on implementation and future directions.

Author(s):Joanna Drowos, James Ballard, Somu Chatterjee, Melissa Abuel, Yalda Jabbarpour
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