2006 CFPC-CDPS: Focusing on chronic disease primary prevention practices

12-05-2007 17:55

Background/Purpose: The Primary Prevention-Action Group (PP-AG) of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control contracted with the College of Family Physicians of Canada-National Research System (NaReS) to conduct a pan-Canadian survey among family physicians (FPs) about their cancer and chronic disease prevention practices. Methods: A stratified random sample of 5013 CFPC members from ten provinces and three territories were selected to receive a survey. It was determined that an adequate national sample of CFPC members should consist of at least 800 completed surveys for appropriately powered analysis. A total of 1010/1720 completed surveys were selected, by province, for national level analysis. Results: With regard to selected chronic disease indicators measured 94.3% of responding family physicians (FPs) enquire about alcohol intake during the periodic health exam (PHE) but only 44.6% use a reminder system for alcohol abuse. Ninety-one percent (90.8%) of FPs report to enquire about their patients exercise habits during their PHE. Nearly ninety-seven (96.5%) ask patients if they use tobacco at their PHE and 64% of respondents use a reminder system alerting them to tobacco use. With regard to nutrition 75.4% enquire about their patients eating habits during their PHE and nearly 87.7% report to address the issue of obesity during visits with obese patients. Only 23.1% enquire about patients exposure to occupational / environmental health hazards during their PHE. Discussion-Significance: While a number of provinces in Canada are starting to discontinue PHE for reimbursement most responding FPs in this survey (82.5%) believe in doing an PHE on all their patients. Conclusion: Preliminary analysis reveals that the majority of responding FPs are following currently accepted guidelines for the major chronic disease primary prevention practices in Canada but with fewer PHEs being performed this the delivery of primary prevention service may change. FMDRL_ID: 1429

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Author(s):Lambert-Lanning Anita, MLS, Katz Alan, MD, MBCHB, MSc, CCFP, Miller Anthhony, MD, FRCP, Kaminsky Barbara
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