Aiming Higher...Because Fitness is Always Good Medicine!

02-18-2011 08:18

AIM-HI challenges physicians to address their own personal "fitness" activities, assess the messages the physicians, staff, and office environment send to patients concerning physical activity, healthy eating, and emotional well-being and engage in helping promote "fitness" at the individual, family, and community levels. A critical caveat of the AIM-HI philosophy is that it is patient directed rather than prescriptive, meaning the delivery of the message is as important as the message itself. AIM-HI promotes a non-diet approach to healthy eating; a small changes/lifestyle-based approach to physical activity with attention to the emotional aspects of daily living and particularly sustained behavior change. AIM-HI encourages the family medicine practice to adopt this version of fitness as the treatment of choice for all patiens and their communities. FMDRL_ID: 3205

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Author(s):Janet Ann McAndrews, B.S., Sarah McMullen, M.Ed, CHES
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