Clinical Skills: Roll Up Your Sleeves & Learn!

11-06-2009 10:40

• Rationale This session presents a way MDFMR has developed of teaching residents vital clinical skills in a highly experiential way. Residents need to be able to practice essential skills in a hands-on manner in an environment that is risk-free to patients. • Objectives As a result of this session, participants will be able to:  Describe the rationale for and operation of a model of teaching residents critical clinical skills (procedures and approaches) on pre-determined topics through a schedule that spans residency;  Describe one way in which organizers might support the planning of sessions to ensure quality; and  Describe at least one way of creating low-cost or free anatomical models on which residents can practice the skills they are learning. FMDRL_ID: 2570

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Author(s):Jenifer Van Deusen, M.Ed.
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