Cultivating Compassion Through the Teacher-Learner Relationship

05-09-2017 21:05

Compassion and empathy are important aspects of patient-centered care and of being a good family doctor as evidenced by their inclusion of these competencies in the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education family medicine Milestones of professionalism and communication. Helping faculty to learn to look at themselves and to encourage personal self-reflection, as well as how to engage the learner in self-reflection, will improve clinical skills of compassion and empathy for both teacher and learner as well as to translate to their patient care. The importance of self-reflection is increasingly recognized in medical education as helping to build resiliency, provide better patient-centered care, and improving physician satisfaction. It is an underutilized skill among faculty, and consequently their trainees, and this workshop will expose participants to methods to facilitate teacher and learner self-reflection through understanding hidden mentorship while gaining insight into parallel process and the role in nurturing compassionate care. There will be opportunities to experientially learn through dyad and small group activities and to create a personal plan that includes an integration of the biopsychosoical approach and parallel process. Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to: Define the concept of hidden mentorship and its importance in the arena of compassionate care. Describe the parallel process of the teacher-learner and the learner-patient present in the medical education environment and apply it. Have the skills to design a personal plan for compassionate care that will include an active integration of the biopsychosocial approach and parallel process.

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Author(s):Terri Dalton, MA, Cleveland Clinic/Fairview FMR, Cleveland, OH Kathryn Fraser, PhD, Halifax Health FMR, Daytona Beach. FL Janelle Von Bargen, PhD, St. Francis Hospital FMR, Wilmington, DE Dael Waxman, MD, Carolinas Medical Center FMR, Charlotte, NC
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