Delbridge-Interdisciplinary Video Review: Assessing Milestones & Providing Feedback

10-24-2018 12:36

Family Medicine Residency faculty members are expected to observe interactions of resident-patient encounters and
provide feedback on residents’ skills. Behavioral science and physician faculty will provide examples of how we have
developed and revised the review format and the evaluation form to meet the needs of the program, resident development
and competence, and patient care. We will focus on how we review physician-patient interpersonal and communication
skills and medical knowledge using interdisciplinary faculty to review video-recorded resident-patient encounters.
Resident presenters will provide their perspectives on this evolving process and the pros and cons of different formats for
review and feedback. We will also present faculty and resident survey results about the previous and current evaluation
processes. We will present two different video examples of physician-patient interactions and have participants (1)
provide informal feedback and (2) use a condensed version of our evaluation form that is linked to the Milestones. Small
groups will discuss the videos and their feedback. The goal of the second small group discussion will be for participants to
practice using our condensed form, and also to think about their own evaluation/feedback process. We will provide
questions to prompt discussion focused on the process of evaluating. We will also discuss how the video observation is
used in our CCC review of residents (mapped to Milestones). Time will be designated for a large group discussion about
potential changes to observation and feedback processes, as well as opportunities to identify specific refinements to one’s
program’s evaluation of residents.

Author(s):Emileee Delbridge, PhD, LMFT, Tanya Wilson, MD, Jared Ankerman, MD & James McGregor, MD
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