Discussion Session: Mores of Rural Family Medicine

11-28-2023 16:11

This report of the Mores of Rural Family Medicine session provides a script for a Debrief Session intended to follow a rural clinical experience (e.g., a clerkship or preceptorship). The session includes both large and small group discussions. We believe that this framework could be useful for medical school faculty wishing to provide a collective post-clinical debrief experience for medical students in a supportive and professional setting. Though our discussion focused on the experiences of early medical students following a rural family medicine preceptorship, the session’s questions and format could be adapted easily to other clinical family medicine experiences (e.g., global health experiences, urban underserved, etc.). 

Author(s):Emily Onello MD, Raymond Christensen MD, James Boulger PhD (deceased)
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Medical school educators who are seeking a format for a 2 hour discussion session that follows up after a clinical experience (a debrief) will find our outline. Materials are designed to be 'off the shelf' ready, but may also be modified for other non-rural clinical experiences, as many of the topics are applicable to most clinical settings.
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Guide walks faculty through the 2 hour large and small group discussion topics
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3 short questions for students to consider before the session

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