Expanding Direct Observation Web-based Apps to Faculty Evaluation Systems

05-02-2017 08:41

We developed, evaluated, and refined a web-based application for assessment of resident progress on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education milestones (M3). The M3 application allows educators to quickly document concrete competency based observations in the moment and then summaries of these observations are shared with the resident, resident's advisor, and the Clinical Competency Committee as a part of an overall evaluation and feedback system. We have partnered with 28 other residency programs to continue to enhance this application to include peer feedback to residents. Given the success in the use of this mobile application for collecting feedback for residents, we are also developing a similar application to use for faculty teaching feedback. In this session we will demonstrate the use of the mobile application, review the evidence for its effectiveness in resident evaluation, and discuss an exploration of its potential for assessing teaching competencies for faculty.


Author(s):Linda Myerholtz, PhD Alfred Reid, MA Alexei Decastro, MD Elin Kondrad, MD Cristy Page, MD, MPH
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