Exploring Social Determinates of Health for a Community Health Needs Assessment as a Platform for Interprofessional Education

02-10-2017 16:30

The Eastern Virginia Medical School, as part of a 4 year longitudinal interprofessional education program for its medical students, is implementing a collaborative interprofessional educational program for its MD and PA programs that allows for flexible scheduling of small teams of students to learn about team-based care, health care disparities, population health, and the determinates of health through preparation for and participation in a community health needs assessment for teaching safety net clinics.

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Author(s):Bruce Britton M.D., Jennifer Wohl DHSc,PA-C
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Powerpoint presentation of IPE through SDOH   813 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 02-10-2017
Original presentation for peer in progress presentation
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Team Assignment   392 KB   1 version
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Description of student assignment at Safety Net clinic sites
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Team Assignment Rubric   245 KB   1 version
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Assessment of Safety Net SDOH at safety net clinic assignment
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Social Determinants of Health screen   618 KB   1 version
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Tool with questions and references on why the questions are of importance in determining and individual and communities health

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