Finding resiliency, compassion and hope through reflective writing, storytelling, and story listening

04-14-2017 16:56

This workshop explores the innate qualities of all clinicians: resiliency, compassion, and hope. When we lose our connection to these innate qualities, burnout, compassion fatigue and hopelessness can result. This workshop explores the dimensions of resiliency, compassion and hope, and the contemplative practices such as self-reflective writing, story telling and story listening that can nurture the connection to our deepest selves. There are many external factors that contribute to burnout, compassion fatigue and hopelessness, but this workshop concentrates on how writing and story telling and listening can empower us to change the external determinants, but, more powerfully change the internal determinants of well-being. Through writing and story, we begin to see with new eyes and a heart that is open. This changes everything. Participants experience a number of mindfulness practices such as breath work, silence and meditation that will prepare them for the exercises to follow. Entering the present moment allows us to be open to what will be revealed in our writing. The participants are led through a series of writing methods to then determine which ones might work best for their reflective writing, and which work best in teaching situations. We will explore a timed free write, then a 55 word story write of the original story in the free write, a haiku, and then a 6 word story. Participants are divided into small groups facilitated gently by a workshop faculty. After each method is explored, participants are given an opportunity to share their writing/story. The participants explore a method of listening that includes attentive listening, receptivity without advice giving or criticism to create a safe experience for new and experience writers. To write well is not the goal, but to write from the heart. At the end of the workshop, the participants share in a large group circle their 6 word story, and then capture their story in one word which is shared. Discussion about the workshop then closes the session.

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Author(s):Lucille Marchand, MD, BSN; Colleen Fogarty, MD, MsC, Jo Marie Reilly, MD; Johanna Shapiro, PhD. Paul Gross, MD Jonathan Han, MD
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Workshop featuring a number of contemplative writing methods, story telling and story listening, that nurture our innate qualities of compassion, hope and resiliency.

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Feel free to use this workshop format in your teaching and clinical work for team building.  Please acknowledge the originators/authors.  Images are to be used only with permission of primary author- Marchand.  I welcome anyone using this workshop method to offer feedback to lead author - Dr Marchand at  Enjoy!  Lu

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