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09-22-2021 22:06

Medication adherence can have dramatic impacts on a patient’s health and a provider wellbeing and burnout risk. Significant research has been done looking into patient barriers to adherence: cost, regimen complexity, etc. (Conn, 2017). We recognize that the physician’s ability to communicate in a way that fosters partnership with patients is the first step in developing a plan that the patient embraces. We also recognize that time in the clinic room is limited. This project set out to look at which specific communication modalities utilized in the room have the greatest impact on the first component of patient medication adherence: filling the prescription. _ Findings: Saying the name of the medicine made a significant impact on patients picking up prescriptions, more than how it works, side effects, or other items. 

Author(s):Kwanza Devlin, MD, Brian Carey, DO, Jeff Freund, PharmD
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Form that can be used in your clinics to track the use of the statements in this project
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Presentation of the project

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