How will residents’ personal values impact their future practice? Use of values clarification workshops focusing on circumcision and abortion care

05-08-2017 01:37

Values clarification is a technique that helps individuals increase awareness of their own personal values. This technique provides an opportunity for a person to reflect on personal moral dilemmas and allow for values to be analyzed and clarified. Values clarification has often been used in abortion care to help providers reflect on personal attitudes around women who have had abortion, abortion providers, and abortion facts and myths. In our residency program, we have also begun to use a values clarification exercise with providers to explore personal attitudes related to routine male infant circumcision in addition to circumcision. This session will discuss the use of a values clarification activity that builds on values clarification activities for abortion care and creates an opportunity for residents to reflect on the religious, culture, personal, and medical reasons that the circumcision procedure is performed. The goal is to allow residents to examine their own beliefs about the procedure and how their beliefs may impact how they counsel or discuss the procedure with parents who are considering circumcision for their son.

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Author(s):Kimberly Collins, Valerie Ross, Ying Zhang
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