Let's Stay Together: Longitudinal Community Health Curricula for Lasting Residency/Community Relationships

05-04-2017 17:38

New strategies are needed to train physicians to lower health care costs and address the health care needs of communities, especially in underserved areas. Using curriculum with a focus on experiential learning, residents apply their understanding of social health determinants and public health to address complex health challenges they will encounter in patient care. This session will focus on a review of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requirements and milestones for community health and describe three residency programs that have implemented longitudinal learning to meet residents’ interest, program curricular needs, and the health needs of communities. Using an interactive style that allows session participants to analyze the needs, strengths, and opportunities of their current community health curricula, attendees will identify approaches to improving community health education through sustained community engagement. Several models of implementing longitudinal community health training will be presented with an emphasis on building academic-community partnerships that engage residents and strengthen communities. Session attendees will leave with methods for supporting projects, partnerships, and resident effort across three years of training. Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to: Evaluate strategies to incorporate milestone based competencies in community medicine to support development of community-responsive physicians. Define the essential components of longitudinal community based experiential learning and how it can be utilized as a teaching method in the setting of resident education. Identify how community medicine curricula can become sustainable through investing in long term community partnerships that meet the needs of patients, communities, community organizations, and learners.

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Author(s):Jarrett Sell, MD; Shaila Sherpas, MD; Heather Bleacher, MD
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