My Kid Won't Listen to Me! Empowering Residents to Coach Parents of Difficult Children

09-22-2016 19:56

Family medicine resident physicians quickly discover that they are sought out experts for many things in their patients' lives that they may or may not be equipped to address. Parenting challenges and concerns present such dilemmas for residents who have little to no training about parenting techniques. Graduates of residency may find themselves practicing in under-resourced areas without the luxury of child therapists or psychologists to whom they may refer families. Even in larger metropolitan areas, qualified child mental health providers are in significant demand. In either case, basic knowledge of evidence-based practices for disruptive behavior and parenting is useful. Physicians should be taught basic parent management training skills so that they provide evidence-based advice and teaching to families, rather than personal experience or opinions. This lecture presentation will provide a case study of curriculum designed to equip resident physicians with evidence-based parenting strategies to teach their patients' parents while providing care.

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Author(s):Megan R. Brown, PsyD
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