Obesity Medicine Education Collaborative (OMEC) Obesity Competencies

06-26-2018 12:07

The Obesity Medicine Education Collaborative (OMEC) competencies were created to support training programs in the implementation of the obesity competencies in addition to providing a reliable assessment of the performance of the competencies. The goal is to promote, disseminate and improve comprehensive obesity medicine education across the continuum of medical education for medical providers such as physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

The OMEC competencies were designed using the existing 6 ACGME domains. Within the 6 domains, there are 32 obesity-related competencies with specific measurement and assessment benchmarks to facilitate performance assessment.

The competencies can be applied to (1) assessment of learners within a training program, (2) assessment of existing or planned curricula, and (3) assessment of non-training educational environments. The instructions for each of these applications are attached.

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