Online Student Reflection & Faculty Feedback of Standardized Patient Interviews Targeting Communication Skills

02-22-2011 11:11

First year medical students were administered a baseline OSCE in February 2008 and a follow-up OSCE in May 2008. Standardized patient evaluations assessed history taking and communication skills. Of 194 students, 60 students were chosen at random, of which 47 viewed a recording of their interview, completed an online self-reflection assessment tool and subsequently received electronic faculty feedback. The mean scores of the baseline items were compared among the standardized patient evaluation, the student self-reflection, and the faculty evaluation. In general, student self-reflections yielded the least positive responses on the five-point Likert scale, while faculty evaluations yielded the highest. Students found it valuable to view their patient interviews on CD. Online faculty feedback is convenient to deliver and allows for immediate retrieval by students. FMDRL_ID: 2706

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Author(s):Yumi Jarris, MD
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