Primary Care Strengthening in Southeast Asia

09-28-2015 07:50

The developing countries of Southeast Asia have until recently allocated very little human and economic capital in the health care system. Within the region, however, the stage of development of primary care is very disparate. Vietnam is poised to transform its health care system with the adoption of the Family Medicine model throughout the country. Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar lack both the workforce and the organization to provide comprehensive primary care. Despite this, there is significant momentum and interest. In our work as consultants, we have developed programs in all these countries to strengthen primary care. We have found that the strengths and challenges are unique to each local environment, and we have adapted our approach to address these local needs. In this presentation, will describe the developmental stage of primary care in each country, and the different projects that we designed in 17 years of work in the region. Learning Objectives 1. Understand the different stages of development of primary care in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia 2. Learn how to undertake a needs assessment as a first step in the development of a project geared to strengthening primary care health care systems. 3. Cite examples of projects to strengthen primary care adapted to address local strengths and challenges in developing nations. FMDRL_ID: 5701

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Author(s):Laura Goldman, MD, Jeff Markuns, MD, EdM Boston University Global Health Collaborative
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