Promoting a Research Culture in a Family Medicine Residency: Five Years of SWAG

09-23-2021 13:07

The professional advancement of Family Medicine faculty requires contributions in the form of clinical service, teaching, and scholarly activity. While teaching and clinical work are part of the everyday routine of practically all faculty members, scholarly activity can be more difficult to produce. The broader literature base indicates that a research culture can be a challenge to build and maintain in a Family Medicine residency. Our Family Medicine residency started a Scholarly Works and Activities Group (SWAG) in 2016.  Led by our behavioral science faculty member, the group’s aim is to promote a collegial, collaborative research culture within the department. SWAG meetings occur monthly, and they provide faculty the opportunity to discuss new and ongoing scholarly projects (e.g. research, case reports, conference presentations) in the department. The group also provides an opportunity to discuss promotion and tenure goals where each individual can get support and feedback from faculty members on barriers/facilitators for future career advancement. Minutes from each meeting are sent to all faculty members in the department to promote inclusivity for those who are unable to attend. Outcome data on department scholarly works in the past five years will be provided.    

Author(s):Scott A Fields, Ph.D. & Andy Tanner, D.O.
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Promoting a Research Culture in a Family Medicine Residency: Five Years of SWAG

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