Results of a CERA Clerkship Director Survey: Practice Based Learning and Improvement in Family Medicine Clerkships

01-23-2014 15:35

As competency-based training becomes more widespread in medical student education, identifying techniques for implementing PBLI curricula is useful for those involved in family medicine clerkship training. Our purpose was to investigate how PBLI is integrated into family medicine clerkships and factors associated with its success. Methods: Fifteen multiple choice questions about the presence of PBLI-related curricula, characteristics of the clerkship, and perceptions of the clerkship directors were included in the CAFM Educational Research Alliance (CERA) Clerkship Director 2012 survey. The response rate was 89/134 (66%). Relevant items were aligned into a model of five conceptual groups. Results: To be presented. Discussion: This study reports the presence, degree of learner engagement, and clerkship director perception of PBLI activities in family medicine clerkships. FMDRL_ID: 4326

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Author(s):Deanna Willis, MD, MBA, Betsy G Jones, EdD, Ian Bennet, MD, PhD, Scott Renshaw, MD, Matthew Holley, MA, MS, Mary E Dankoski, PhD
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