Senior Seminar Series: A longitudinal behavioral science curriculum for residents

09-22-2016 08:05

In this session we provid an overview of our Senior Seminar Series which is a small group, longitudinal curriculum designed to meet the developmental needs of PGY2 & 3 residents. We provide guidance on the importance of differentiated instruction, how we structure the curriculum, an overview of the content (with links to other material on the resource library), and tools for evaluation.


Author(s):Amy Romain, LMSW, ACSW and Amy Odom, DO
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Self Assessment and Action Plan   168 KB   1 version
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Tool for resident self assessment and action plan for goal setting regarding communication skills
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Example Schedule   35 KB   1 version
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Example Schedule   38 KB   1 version
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Patient Centered Observation Form- updated 10.2015   153 KB   1 version
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Provider direct observation evaluation form authored by Larry Mauksch
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New Innovations Milestone based Evaluation of Senior Semi...   171 KB   1 version
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A longitudinal behavioral medicine experience   8.12 MB   1 version
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power point presented at the 2016 Forum describing the course

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