Sensitization as Motivation: Empowering First Steps in Global Health

09-20-2016 21:12

Sensitization is imperative to developing empathy and perspective. In an age of increasing global travel, migration and attention to international health electives, there is an urgency for training healthcare providers that have a global health perspective. This has spawned a growing interest in the incorporation of global health experiences in medical training. We modify the Horatio-Alger exercise from a global health perspective to expose gross inequalities, laying bare the disparities in healthcare. Going through the exercise will enable educators to more effectively integrate sensitization education and cultural competency into their global health curriculum. This evocative experience, along with a guided vignette discussion will allow health educators to develop skills in exposing students and healthcare workers to the issues that affect international patients in home countries or in the United States. Finally, participants shall identify one change they would make in their practice following this workshop. Objectives: As a result of this workshop, participants will: 1. Explain the importance of sensitization and cultural competence in global health initiatives. 2. Conduct a simple sensitization exercise leading to participant understanding of the diverse patient and student populations in a global paradigm. 3. Utilize this newly acquired sensitization and apply to clinical vignette.

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Author(s):Varun U. Shetty, Sangeeta Krishna, Ronald Magliola
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